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QMON - Quick and simple Monitoring without Nagios?!

For years I have been using Nagios and later Icinga for monitoring my few servers and services. However working the setup did not fit perfectly. What I needed was:

- monitoring for very few servers (2-3)
- live check for very few services (10-20)
- easy and straight forward configuration via terminal
- set the time/interval for each check
- directly define a command to be executed for each check
- nice web overview without too much fuzz about it and not much of an attack surface
- XMPP notifications
- nagios plugin compatibility

What I can live without:
- host groups
- notification groups
- complicated and extensive configuration
- logging
- remote check execution
- a daemon

Even though there are many (many many many) monitoring solutions available, most are packed with features not needed here and rather difficult to deactivate. So I decided to write a simple and slim alternative:
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